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Air Scrubbing for Allergies & 哮喘


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渥太华空气洗涤 & 测试

患有过敏症是非常不舒服的——特别是如果你在自己家里经历过敏反应. 虽然我们可能保持我们的家尽可能干净,我们可以尽我们的能力, sometimes allergens can build up where you least expect them. 在Enviropure,我们使用各种方法,通过使用专业的空气质量技术来帮助控制过敏原. 这些技术专门用于隔离和去除空气中的霉菌, as well as other irritants which can trigger allergic reactions. 在过去的20年里, 加拿大的哮喘病例也在稳步增加,通过正确的预防性清洁措施,你可以预防哮喘症状的发生.

At Enviropure Home 服务, 我们消除过敏反应和哮喘症状的最常见原因,包括:

  • 宠物毛屑
  • 花粉
  • Dustmites
  • 模具

Make sure you are comfortable in your own home, and get allergens removed by Enviropure Home 服务.


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Experience Our Residential Allergy Deep Clean Package

Experiencing the symptoms of allergies in your home but unsure what to do? Enviropure家庭服务公司在渥太华提供住宅过敏深度清洁包. Whether you are moving into a new home or property, 或者正在经历由家里现有的触发因素引起的过敏发作, the deep-clean package is an excellent choice. 的 过敏的干净整洁 包包括:

  • 深层清洁
  • HEPA-filtration Equipment
  • All Botanical Surface Sanitizing
  • Air Scrubber to Filter Out Airborne Particulate
  • HEPA Vacuuming of Air Vents

You needn’t continue to suffer from allergies at home. Get in touch with Enviropure Home today!

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Professional 空气质素测试 & 清理霉菌

认为你家里的空气质量可能是你过敏反应的罪魁祸首? 许多人都会受到室内空气污染物的轻微到严重的刺激,尤其是霉菌. At Enviropure Home 服务, we can provide professional 空气质素测试 为您的家庭测试是否有害污染物,包括霉菌潜伏在你的空气. In addition to 空气质素测试, 我们还提供一流的除霉服务和空气质量改善服务, 如:

  • Regular cleaning of your home using natural cleaning products, pure natural disinfectants and hypo-allergenic products
  • 深层清洁
  • HEPA filtration vacuuming: this captures and contains dust and allergens
  • Air scrubbing: this purifies and filters the air in your home
  • 床垫卫生:蒸汽清洗
  • UV-C light technology: to kill dust mites and allergens
  • Vaportek技术:使用干蒸汽和天然精油来中和气味
  • Steam cleaning of carpets 室内装潢:所有织物和材料的深层清洁和热水萃取



经常 问问题

Below are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Enviropure today.

While we can’t diagnose your allergies, 已经证明了, 过敏和家里或其他建筑物内的过敏诱因之间的统计联系. If you are experiencing allergies, we would encourage to speak with your family doctor or general practitioner, 他们会给你介绍过敏专家(他们的很多服务都在OHIP医保范围内). Once you have been diagnosed, 然后我们就可以开始工作,确定你家里或办公室里潜在的过敏触发源. This includes air quality testing (for mold, dust and/or other particulates; as well as air scrubbing and 彻底的 home cleaning or office cleaning services in Ottawa and surrounding communities.

HEPA filters come in different shapes, sizes, configurations and products. 为了我们的目的, 我们提供HEPA过滤设备作为我们的过敏深层清洁包的一部分, which covers HEPA vacuuming of air vents as well as air filters, 等. HEPA stands for “High Efficiency Particulate Air,” and it is used in a variety of applications such as air filters, vacuum bags and other types of contamination control. To carry its designation, a HEPA filter must trap 99.97%的微粒0.3微米或更大. If you suffer from allergies, HEPA过滤器是你的朋友,因为它们比传统过滤器含有更多的颗粒和污染物.

宠物毛屑 can be a major contributor to allergies. 不幸的是,有些人对皮肤细胞中的蛋白质有过敏反应, saliva or urine of cats, 狗和其他宠物. 在大多数情况下, 对某些动物过敏的人仍然可以和他们的宠物一起生活, 多亏了过敏药物和其他治疗方法的帮助-结合一致, 彻底的, religious cleaning of the home. 如果你患有宠物过敏,并且家里有多年积累的宠物皮屑, call on Enviropure’s allergy cleaning in Ottawa. 我们进行深度清洁,去除所有宠物皮屑,这样你就能呼吸得更好. Want to hire us after that for regular or periodic cleaning? 伟大的想法! 我们将帮助保持宠物皮屑海湾,这样你或你的家人可以更好地呼吸.

是的,可以! Unfortunately for allergy sufferers, 花粉 and other allergy triggers that are otherwise found outside (flowers, 树, 草, 等.) can and do make their way into homes and offices as well. 这是怎么发生的?? 的 most likely culprit is open windows, patio doors, 等. 每个人都喜欢春天或夏天微风吹进屋子的感觉. 然而,过敏患者也知道这些微风会引发过敏. Even if all the windows are closed, allergy triggers such as 花粉 can enter the house through other pores, including HVAC air exchanges, 等. 我们的过敏清洁和深层清洁可以帮助摆脱多年来积累的花粉和其他过敏诱因!

干净的宗教! 相信我们, 我们在家里和办公室里看到了一些疯狂的过敏诱因——从花粉到宠物皮屑等等. Even when you hire Enviropure for regular home cleaning, 你会想要通过定期清洁和吸尘来控制这些过敏诱因.

比现在更频繁地清洗毛巾和床上用品——至少每周一次, 如果不是更多的话. 擦窗户, blinds and drapes – allergens can accumulate more here, be it 花粉 from the outdoors and/or pet dander from indoor pets.

Also, control moisture wherever possible. This will help keep away mold and mildew. Bathrooms are a big source of moisture. Basements also tend to see higher amounts of moisture. Use a dehumidifier when called for.




Air ducts circulate air from your HVAC system but can harbor dust, 花粉, and mold if not cleaned regularly. 这种积聚会影响空气质量和健康,尤其是对那些过敏的人. 定期清洁提高暖通空调的效率,创造一个更健康的家庭环境.